Cooper "Domino" Lorello AGE 16

Domino is a North American Pro FPS player. Domino started his career in 2017 playing FACEIT pugs at only age 11. When Domino turned 13 he was picked up by low tier organizations such as Fantum and GENETICS Esports. After the small roles he had in those teams. Semi pro team "BitterSweet Esports" signed him as their IGL (In game leader) in early August. Bittersweet disbanded their CSGO roster at the end of September 2019 and left Domino team less. 5 months later, Domino would sign with tier 2 organization "Team Zaida" as their primary AWPER, Domino made a very large impact until a match versus KINGS Esports. Domino lead Zaida to a clean 2-0 sweep with a mind blowing 54-27 overall KDA , this performance left suspicion on opposing player "Fr0z0n3" (pronounced fro-zone). After the match it was reported that Domino had used the drug known as adderall to enhance his focus in game. Domino was given a 2 year suspension starting April 17th 2020.

After the ban, Domino found light in the new tactical FPS game known as "Valorant". because of its similarities to CSGO, Domino was a natural. His skill was noticed by a small team known as YNG. Domino lead the team throughout the games open beta and even got YNG ranked #27 in North America. Although he dominated the pro scene in open beta, when the game released, it seemed that he was not as motivated to compete. Domino quit pro play for another 5 months until he signed with "SakuraGG" as their Fragger, Domino did not find the same success that he had found with YNG and was dropped in Febuary 2021, once again Domino would take a 6 month break from the pro scene until he was signed to "NEXUS VALORANT" as the teams In game leader. Domino along with the rest of his team did not disappoint. he lead them to a 5th place finish in the Valorant Summer Slam event. Nexus disbanded in September and once again left Domino as a free agent. Domino recently has been trialing with many CSGO teams to make his return in April.

Earnings: $7,320 Pro player- Counter Strike Global Offensive 2019- 2021 Pro player- "Valorant" 2021-Now


CSGO: [Fantum CSGO] March 2019- July 2019 [GENETICS ESPORTS] july 5th- july 21st [Bittersweet Esports] august 2019- September 2019 [Team Zaida] March 2020- April 2020 [SSG] October 2022-December 2022

VALORANT : [YNG Valorant] May 2020- August 2020 [SakuraGG]- December 2020- February 2021 [Nexus Valorant]- July 2021- September 2021 [Alpha Alliance] January 2022-Febuary 2022

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